Aug 6, 2017

Did Fox News and a big Trump supporter create and spread a conspiracy theory?

That's the accusation leveled in a lawsuit filed this week. "[Fox commentator] Rod Wheeler unfortunately was used as a pawn by Ed Butowsky, Fox News and the Trump administration to try and steer away the attention that was being given about the Russian hacking of the DNC emails," says Wheeler's lawyer.
Courtesy of Marie McCausland

Giving birth nearly killed them. Here’s what they wished they’d known before.

In the months ProPublica and NPR have been investigating maternal deaths in the U.S., we've heard from 3,100 women who had life-threatening complications from pregnancy or childbirth. Those experiences taught them a lot about how to choose a provider, prepare for an emergency, or convince the people caring for you — or even convince yourself — that something's really wrong.

See their advice.
Jake Harper/Side Effects Public Media

Should a judge be able to tell you which drugs to take? This pharmaceutical company counts on it.

Vivitrol, one of three FDA-approved drugs for treating opioid addiction, isn't effective for every patient, and the monthly shot can have some unpleasant, long-lasting side effects. Alkermes, Vivitrol's manufacturer, markets it directly to drug court judges and other officials, and now it's the only treatment option available in some courts. Some treatment specialists see huge problems with that:

"They're not health care providers. They don't know data. They don't know research."
Michael Robinson Chavez/The Washington Post/Getty Images

A Fox commentator says the network invented his quotes on who killed a DNC staffer to distract from the Russia scandal

Rod Wheeler’s lawsuit focuses particular attention on the role of a wealthy Trump supporter in weaving the story that Seth Rich was murdered because he leaked Democratic information to WikiLeaks — a story that enraged Rich’s family and that the network was forced to retract. Wheeler and Butowsky discussed the story with Sean Spicer, and the lawsuit says Butowsky claimed to have run it by the president himself.

Fox News disputes some of the claims.
NASA/Getty Images

Where the Mississippi pours into the Gulf of Mexico, in an area the size of New Jersey, fish can't survive

The huge amount of agricultural runoff the river delivers into the Gulf causes algae blooms that die, decompose and absorb all the oxygen from the water. The so-called "dead zone" is bigger than scientists have ever seen it. Many bottom-feeders are killed because they are too slow to get out of the way, researchers say.

It could wreck Louisiana's shrimp industry.
Chelsea Beck/NPR

These graduates have held lower-paying jobs in public service for 10 years, but the government may cancel their reward

The Department of Education’s Public Service Loan Forgiveness program promised a chance at reduced student debt for those who worked for the government or nonprofits and paid their loans on time for 10 years. The first teachers and social workers to plan their careers and loan payments around the program will hit the 10-year mark this fall — just as the government is looking to kill the program.

It could leave some crushed under inescapable debt.
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Aug 1, 2017

Fwd: Caleb Maupin: "Trump Bans Trans Soldiers - How Can The Pentagon Save Money?" and more videos

Caleb Maupin: "Trump Bans Trans Soldiers - How Can The Pentagon Save Money?" and more videos

Terry, check out the latest videos from your channel subscriptions for Aug 1, 2017.
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Trump Bans Trans Soldiers - How Can The Pentagon Save Money?
Caleb Maupin
Bugle Call Rag by Roy Smeck (1937)
iRobot wants to sell home maps generated by Roomba vacuum to Amazon...
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Kindergarten Cop (1990) - The Party Pooper Scene (1/10) | Movieclips
Wonder Woman vs Trump over military transgender ban - TomoNews
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Русофобы: «армия плохишей» своей глупостью достала всех!
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Warren Zevon - My shit's fucked up

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Jul 30, 2017

Ah, the sounds of summer camp: Crickets, campfires ... cellphones sewn into stuffed animals

Getting kids to spend a week or two unplugged and immersed in nature is hard enough, administrators say – but it's made more difficult by helicopter parents in need of constant connection. Even camp-provided online updates aren't enough: "They'll get that phone call: 'Hello, camp director, I was on your website and I don't see them. Are they OK? Were they sent to the hospital?' "
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

The Obamacare repeal effort is dead. For sure, this time. Maybe?

John McCain helped scuttle Republicans’ last-ditch effort early Friday and Senate leaders from both parties suggested the time had come for a more bipartisan approach. But later in the day, House Speaker Paul Ryan and President Trump seemed to suggest the GOP might continue to pursue the repeal that Republicans have championed for seven years.

“We'll get it done, we're going to get it done,” the president said.
Chelsea Beck/NPR

Not just a trend, a through-line: Amplifying women’s powerful contributions to popular music.

It's arguable, says critic Ann Powers, that “beyond getting the groceries, lists are fundamentally lies.” But they’re also a valuable way to start conversations, she says — and that’s still badly needed when it comes to women’s place in music history. Most “best albums” or “top performers” lists have just a couple of female artists anywhere near the top, and that becomes self-reinforcing. So nearly 50 women who play a role in public radio have come together to create a new canon.

These 150 albums deserve more R-E-S-P-E-C-T.
Suharu Ogawa for NPR

For some summer camps, the problem isn’t homesick campers — it’s parents who can’t let go

Few sleep-away camps allow Internet access or cellphones. Kids get used to the break, but some parents used to hourly status updates have a harder time, even helping their kids sneak phones in or mailing them inside care packages. The college-age camp counselors also seem to have a tougher time disconnecting, administrators say.

Even the counselors’ parents can be a pain.
LA Johnson/NPR

When an NBA player's opinion can convince kids the planet is flat, what's a science teacher to do?

There's a lot of bad information out there online. One professor recommends that teachers help kids understand empirical reasoning and the scientific method — and hope they find their own way away from sketchy propaganda and conspiracy theories. And students aren't the only ones at risk:

A recent study shows science teachers themselves can be receptive.
SS Mirza/AFP/Getty Images

A horrifying crime in Pakistan is taken to a tribal council. It hands down an even more unspeakable sentence.

After a 12-year-old girl was raped by a teenage boy, her family didn't go to law enforcement. Instead, they went to a traditional panchayat, an influential pseudo-legal body led by local landlords. They couldn't convince the rapist to marry his victim, so they chose a different punishment: On their orders, the victim's brother raped the accused teen's sister.

Now both families have brought in the police.
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