Jun 22, 2016

GET YOUR KICKS ON ROUTE 31 (update from 5/28/16)

 I thought tonight, that in view of funds that seem to be headed our way to modernize Route 31S in Spencer, MA., that I give a shout out to those brave and crazy speed demons that tore up and down the road to Charlton with their souped-up '53 Mercs, '55 Fords, '57 Chevys and more. I've been a passenger on many a ride to the Depot Bridge at speeds up to 115 mph, back in the days when those muscle cars and the backyard mechanics that drove them were the rage.
Here's to Paul "Porky" Gaucher, Bobby Schultz, Ray Kauppilla, Bruce "Doc" Snyder, Bob Clancy, Ronnie Bercume, Freddie Brunelle and many others that I'll add if I remember them or...if one of my readers suggests them.