Mar 21, 2016

!! Only One Budget Proposal Makes Any Sense

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Subject:Only One Budget Proposal Makes Any Sense

NATION DAILY: March 21, 2016

Only One Budget Proposal Makes Any Sense

The Congressional Progressive Caucus plan goes after bloated spending on the military-industrial complex—and reinvests in people.

John Nichols
How the Rio Olympics Could Cement a Brazilian Coup

Scandals engulfing Brazil's elite are not touching the 2016 Olympics. This could very well be by design.


Dave Zirin

Ted Cruz Is an Anti-Muslim Bigot, Too

The GOP has an anti-Muslim hate problem: Ted Cruz's foreign-policy team is anchored by America's biggest Islamophobe.


Ali Gharib

There Is No Military Solution for Syria

Long-time UN diplomat Lakhdar Brahimi talks about how to end the tragedy, and when you really need diplomacy.


Barbara Crossette

Yale Is Depriving Graduate Students of Their Rights

The neoliberal university places an emphasis on corporate power rather than free inquiry. 


Michelle Chen

In Cuba, Will the Revolution Be Digitized?

US media depict the island as stuck in the digital dark ages, but Cuba has lively cultures of connectivity that could evolve into a self-sustaining, open, and accessible digital commons.


Sujatha Fernandes

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