Jan 12, 2016

Golden Globes: A Contender for Best Comedy

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016
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By Carrie Rickey — The scandal-plagued awards show gets a nod for spotting groundbreakers, but the back-scratching nature of the ceremony makes it a little hard to swallow.
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By Eugene Robinson — For Democrats who might be rooting for the Republican presidential contender, thinking he would be easy to beat in November, I have some advice: Be careful what you wish for.
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By E.J. Dionne Jr. — This year’s Republican presidential campaign is where hope and optimism go to die. Don’t pretend Donald Trump is an exotic outlier. His spirit haunts a party that can’t get enough of gloom and fear.
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Arts & Culture
Grass-roots social and environmental campaigns that delight and inspire “can help put sustained pressure on business and governments by bringing renewed energy, kick-starting conversations, and sparking the imaginations of a whole new set of participants,” writes Frances Buckingham at The Guardian.
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A/V Booth
A few days after Donald Trump looked on and made faces as a Muslim woman was heckled out of one of his campaign rallies, it’s worth recalling how Bernie Sanders responded to a Muslim student who questioned him about racism and Islamophobia in October.
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By Clay Bennett
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