Jan 19, 2016

Fwd: Morning Memo: My Donald Lies Over The Ocean

The National Memo - Morning Memo

JANUARY 19, 2016

British Lawmakers Debate Banning Trump After Muslim Comments

Members of Parliament responded to a petition signed by more than a half-million Britons, arguing instead that Trump should be allowed into Britain — where his views could be challenged — and that a ban would give him more publicity.

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Sanders' Single-Payer Plan Is A Distraction

The problem with Bernie Sanders' health care vision isn't the vision. The problem is the politics — the reality of which battle-scarred Hillary Clinton clearly has the better grasp.

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As Democratic Polls Tighten, Clinton Adopts A More Aggressive Approach

The firewall that Hillary Clinton spent months painstakingly constructing to ensure quick, early and decisive victory in the Democratic nominating contest isn't holding, leaving the candidate once considered the prohibitive favorite scrambling to regain her momentum.

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Polluters Win Again In Florida Legislature

Enforcement of clean-water rules is basically being replaced by the honor system. Big Agriculture couldn't be happier.

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The Bernie Sanders Debate

Sunday's debate was unofficially billed as being about Bernie Sanders, and it was.

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Elizabeth Warren Skipped 2016 Run, But Has Stayed In Picture

Warren has been noticeably reluctant to lend her name to Sanders's presidential campaign, because, her advisers say, she's determined that Democrats should hold on to the White House after Obama leaves office and is not convinced Sanders could win.

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Saudi Arabia Alarmed, In Private, At Iran's Sanctions Relief

Saudi Arabia fears the end of sanctions on Iran could boost what they see as subversive activities, also enrich a major competitor.

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