Nov 15, 2015

Fwd: A brief history of the 💕 symbol

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This week we're talking about the end of the end of the world, Gordon Parks' 1960s photo essay on segregation, the story behind one of Dali's strangest paintings, NaNoWriMo, the history of the heart symbol, and books that don't sugarcoat teen sexuality.

The End Of The End Of The World


Everyone loves a good apocalypse. But some writers are opting for optimistic, solution-oriented sci-fi instead. (Read more here)

Gordon Parks' Photo Essay On 1950s Segregation Needs To Be Seen Today


"I saw that the camera could be a weapon against poverty, against racism, against all sorts of social wrongs. I knew at that point I had to have a camera." (Read more here)

Just Because You Love Books, Doesn't Mean You Have To Write One


Hey #NaNoWriMo, maybe not everyone has a novel in them. And that's totally OK. (Read more here)

A Brief History Of The Heart Symbol


Medieval writers might've been cool with Twitter's symbol switch. (Read more here)

The Story Behind One Of Salvador Dalí's Strangest Portraits


In 1963, Dalí painted a double portrait of a mother and her son. The results are no less strange than you'd expect. (Read more here)

8 Books That Don't Sugarcoat Teen Sexuality


These writers don't idealize puberty and the sometimes scary years that follow. (Read more here)

Against Being F**king Obvious


Because saying exactly what you mean at all times is pretty boring. (Read more here)

'I Smile Back' Tackles Mental Illness With Excruciating Realness


Sarah Silverman and writer Amy Koppelman discuss the future of the "I Smile Back" anti-heroine. (Read more here)

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