Aug 15, 2015

Public Transit Matters



Congress may have passed a short-term, three-month funding extension to keep the Highway Trust Fund and Mass Transit Account going—but we need them to do more.

Help us raise awareness—and get the attention of your legislators—by sending a letter to the editor to your local news publications.

Now that the U.S. Senate has passed a three-year transportation bill, we need to make sure the U.S. House of Representatives passes a six-year comprehensive, long-term transportation bill before the next deadline, October 29, 2015.

House leaders have said transportation will be one of their primary focuses when they return to Washington, D.C., in September. That makes it even more important that we continue to keep the pressure on for the rest of August while Members of Congress are in their home states or districts.

Submit your letter to the editor today to let your Representative know public transportation matters to voters in your community! You can do it in just two minutes using our online tool.

A letter to the editor is a great way to spread our message in your community that Congress needs to pass long-term, comprehensive transportation legislation with increased funding for public transit this year. Elected officials frequently check local publications in their districts to find out what issues are capturing attention back home, so your message could help us make a real difference in getting Congress to prioritize public transportation when they return from recess.

Take two minutes to submit a letter to the editor today!

As always, thank you for your support.


Mantill Williams
Voices for Public Transit Community Coordinator

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