Jul 23, 2015

How to Create an Image of Your PC Before Upgrading to Windows 10

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The reason horsepower, a long standing unit of engine power measurement, seems so weak (1hp engines are pretty puny after all) is because horsepower is not a direct equivalent to the total maximum energy a powerful horse can expend but a measurement of the amount of work a horse could do over time (and factors in time at rest).

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What Camouflage Technique Did Fighter Jet Designers Adopt From Nature?
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Google Washing

Google Washing (a.k.a. Google Bombing) refers to the practice of attempting to change a term's meaning to people or alter people's perception of a term (or web page) so that it ranks well in the top Google search results via heavy linking, media manipulation, etc. Google Washing can also be focused on pushing out competition in the top Google search results.

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How to Get the Page Counts for Multiple Word Documents at Once

Finding out how many pages are in a Word document is really easy when the document is open. However, what if you have a lot of documents in one folder for which you want to find out page counts? This is easily done in Windows.

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How to Create an Image of Your PC Before Upgrading to Windows 10

Windows 10 is the biggest and most aggressive Windows rollout to date. Before you take the plunge you need to image your hard drive so, should you wish to return to the familiarity of Windows 7 or Windows 8 you can do so with the click of a button.

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How to Stop Accidental Trackpad Clicks in Windows 10 (And Other Mouse Enhancements)

It's been the bane of laptop users for years: you're typing away, your palm brushes the trackpad, and the accidental click inserts the cursor in the middle of the text completely screwing things up. Banish the frustration of accidental trackpad clicks with the handy built-in Windows 10 settings.

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What Does "Defer Upgrades" in Windows 10 Mean?

Your Windows 10 system may have a "Defer upgrades" option for Windows Update. This option delays feature upgrades for several months while allowing security updates through.

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How to Hide or Delete the Recycle Bin Icon in Windows 7, 8, or 10

I've never found the recycle bin on the desktop very useful, so I almost always disable it as one of the first things that I do. The only problem is that every new version of Windows makes it take more steps to get rid of it, and Windows 10 is even more confusing than the rest. Here's how to hide it in any version of Windows.

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How to Set Your Default Apps in Windows 10

The Default Apps setting is not exclusively new to Windows 10 but, much like many of the other Control Panel staples of previous versions, Microsoft has worked in an almost total rehaul of the old system in favor of something a little more streamlined and a lot more functional.

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How to Change the Default File Name Used When Saving Word Documents

When saving a file for the first time, you may have noticed Word suggesting a file name to you in the "Save As" dialog box. This file name is typically taken from the first paragraph in your document. However, this is actually Word's second choice for suggested file names.

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