Jun 20, 2015

Perils of Hate vs. Narratives of Solutions | Your Week In Review

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  As Nation Mourns Racist Murders, Flag of Hate Still Flies over South Carolina
by Jon Queally
While US Supreme Court makes clear that state governments have the right to control their own speech, outrage abounds over what South Carolina chooses to say
  As Shell Drilling Rig Aims for Arctic, Waves of Kayaks Block the Way
by Lauren McCauley
In canoes and kayaks, anti-drilling activists early Monday faced down Shell's 40,000-ton drilling rig, the Polar Pioneer, as it attempted to set sail from Seattle's Puget Sound to Arctic waters.
  Shooters of Color Are Called 'Terrorists' and 'Thugs.' Why Are White Shooters Called ‘Mentally Ill'?
by Anthea Butler
"This racist media narrative around mass violence falls apart with the Charleston church shooting."
  Climate Change Is a Crisis We Can Only Solve Together
by Naomi Klein
"The weight of the world is not on any one person’s shoulders. Not yours. Not mine. It rests in the strength of the project of transformation that millions are already a part of."
  'Climate Is a Common Good': Pope Francis Calls for Justice on Warming Planet
by Jon Queally
"What makes the pope's message so radical isn’t just his call to urgently tackle climate change. It’s the fact he openly and unashamedly goes against the grain of dominant social, economic and environment policies."
  Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street Address
by Bill Moyers & Michael Winship
"Can we really expect someone so deeply tethered to the financial and business class – who moves so often and so easily among its swells – to fight hard to check their predatory appetites, dismantle their control of Congress, and stand up for the working people who are their prey?"
  Catching Clinton, Sanders Surges
by Jon Queally
Several polls now show Sen. Bernie Sanders closing the gap between himself and frontrunner Hillary Clinton
  In Historic Ruling, Bush Officials Can Be Sued for Post-9/11 Roundups
by Nadia Prupis
'We simply cannot conclude at this stage that concern for the safety of our nation justified the violation of the constitutional rights on which this nation was built.'
  Renewable Revoution Rising, But Ultimate Potential Remains Untapped
by Deirdre Fulton
The impact of wind and solar could be even greater if the billions in annual subsidies for fossil fuel and nuclear energy were removed, study shows
  'You Have a Choice': Veterans Call On Drone Operators to Refuse Orders
by Sarah Lazare
"So, yes, you do have a choice—and liability under the law. Choose the moral one. Choose the legal one."
  The Crisis: Regeneration or Degeneration?
by Ronnie Cummins
"If governments won’t solve the climate, hunger, health, and democracy crises, then the people will."


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