Jun 22, 2015

Fwd: How to Add Bluetooth Headphones to Your HDTV

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The largest hot desert in the world, the Sahara, is over 3.3 million square miles (3.6 million if you include substrates such as the Libyan Desert and the Sudan region) and larger than the next fifteen largest hot and cool coastal deserts combined.

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In The Original Bram Stoker's Tale, Dracula Isn't Harmed By?
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Data Archiving

Data Archiving is the process of preparing and moving data that is no longer needed for current work to separate storage devices for long-term retention.

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How to Open Multiple Word Documents at Once

If you work on several different documents at a time, Word makes it easy to open multiple documents in different windows at once. It's as easy as selecting multiple files like you do in Windows Explorer.

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How to Add Bluetooth Headphones to Your HDTV

Adding wireless headphones to your HDTV set is a great way to watch TV as just the volume you want without disturbing everyone else in the process. Read on as we show you how to outfit your HDTV set with wireless Bluetooth headphones.

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How to Record PC Gameplay With Windows 10's Game DVR and Game Bar

Windows 10 includes a built-in tool for recording videos of PC games. You can upload gameplay footage to YouTube or any other video-sharing site — or just keep the clip on your own PC and share it with your friends.

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How to Disable Quick Access in File Explorer on Windows 10

Windows 10's File Explorer has a new "Quick Access" view. Whenever you open a file browser window, you'll see a list of "frequent folders" and recent files. This list of folders also replaces the old favorite folders list.

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Why Windows 10 Offers Two Different Versions of Microsoft Office

Microsoft offers two different versions of Office for Windows 10. Traditional desktop apps are available for keyboard-and-mouse, and universal apps are available for touch. But it's not that simple.

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Warning: "Guest Mode" on Many Wi-Fi Routers Isn't Secure

Many home routers offer a "Guest Mode." This isolates your guests onto a separate Wi-Fi network, and you don't have to give them your normal Wi-FI passphrase. But Guest Mode is often insecure.

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How to Sync Photos to Your Apple Watch

First smartphone screens replaced wallet pictures as the way to show off your photos and now you can put your photos right on your wrist. Read on as we show you how to sync your favorite photos to your Apple Watch.

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How to Open a Word Document as Read-Only

Opening a Word document as read-only helps prevent unintentional changes you make to the document from being saved. Read-Only mode does not allow you to make any changes to the document, preventing you from inadvertently saving changes. We will show you how to open any Word document as read-only.

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How to Build a New Custom PC Without Touching a Screwdriver

We love building our own computers but it takes quite a bit of time. If you love to build but find you don't have the time, a custom-built PC still gives you control over your components, while leaving the actual assembly up to someone else.

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Is Windows 10 Backwards Compatible With Your Existing Software?

Microsoft's Windows 10 seems like a big change. The version number alone is a big leap from Windows 7, and most of the default apps are new-style "universal apps," not traditional desktop apps.

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Download A Quick Start Guide to the iPhone Camera
If you're new to or still haven't explored the iPhone camera, today you're going to learn a few things about exactly what your camera can achieve. Click here to download

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