Jun 16, 2015

12 of the Biggest PC Myths That Just Won't Die

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DAM (short for Database Activity Monitoring) is the process of observing, identifying, and reporting all actions, activities, and/or policy violations occurring within a given database.

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12 of the Biggest PC Myths That Just Won't Die

Computers are like anything else. Myths and urban legends have built up over time, passed from person to person. Some myths once had a grain of truth, but are no longer true thanks to technological progress.

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How to Disable Notification Sounds in Windows 10

Ready or not, Microsoft is propelling its userbase to the next big version of its flagship operating system: Windows 10. While it shows great promise, it's still pretty ragged around the edges, and there are tons of little annoyances, such as notification sounds.

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How to Customize and Use the Read Mode in Word

Word comes with some useful layouts for viewing your documents in different situations. These layouts include a print-friendly layout, a webpage layout, and a new layout as of Word 2013 called "Read Mode" that's aimed at viewing documents on modern devices such as tablets.

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Surprise: Macs Aren't Necessarily More Expensive Than Windows PCs

The common wisdom is that Macs are more expensive than Windows PCs. This is true, if you compare a $250 Windows laptop to a MacBook that starts at $899. But, given comparable hardware, Macs aren't necessarily more expensive than PCs.

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