May 15, 2015


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New Today -- 15 May 2015


The growing danger of a US war against China

Every country in the region, to one degree of or another, is embroiled in the war danger.

News & Analysis

Five major banks to plead guilty to rigging currency markets

The effect of guilty pleas for crimes involving massive manipulation of financial markets will be essentially zero, beyond the immediate costs the fines levied on the institutions.

Obama hosts Camp David summit for Gulf oil monarchies

US House passes surveillance "reforms" aimed at codifying illegal spying

Existing safety equipment would have prevented Philadelphia Amtrak disaster

Many questions remain in death of Detroit Fiat-Chrysler worker

Lawyers detail horrific and illegal conditions of Baltimore arrest victims

US prisons rife with violence and torture against mentally disabled prisoners

Attempted military coup in Burundi

Closer Chinese-Russian ties on display in Moscow

Russian finance minister proposes raising retirement age: "The faster, the better"

Australian Labor leader calls for bipartisanship with Abbott government

India's BJP government presses forward with big business "reforms"

Arts Review

CIA-embedded Hollywood liars and their lies


The right-wing political record of Bernie Sanders

French NPA seeks to strangle opposition to draconian surveillance law

Workers Struggles

Workers Struggles: Europe, Middle East & Africa

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