May 7, 2015

Global Carbon Tops 400 ppm

News & Views | 5.06.15


  It's Official: Global Carbon Levels Surpassed 400 ppm for Entire Month
by Sarah Lazare
Scientists warn that, in order to preserve the planet, CO2 levels must be brought down to a maximum of 350pp.


  Recognizing Legacy of Police Torture, Chicago Passes Landmark Reparations
by Lauren McCauley
According to estimates, eligible claimants will each receive roughly $100,000—which Mogul describes as being a "meaningful measure of compensation."
  Agriculture Gets Free Pass As California Adopts Mandatory Water Rules
by Nadia Prupis
"It's a double-standard. It's not going to be adequate to fix our water management problems," Adam Scow, California director of Food & Water Watch, told Common Dreams. "Overall, our state has failed to properly manage our water rights."
  'Too Big to Exist': Sanders Introduces Bill to Break Up Big Banks
by Nadia Prupis
While the proposal is unlikely to pass, Sanders' stance on the issue indicates his support of more progressive policies than his fellow Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.
  Human Rights Abuses Rampant Under Drug War, 100 Groups Tell UN
by Lauren McCauley
With its heavy emphasis on the criminalization of drug use, possession, manufacture, and distribution, the international War on Drugs has driven such abuses as discriminatory policing, disproportionate sentencing, mass incarceration, and in some cases, the use of death penalty for drug offenses.
  North Dakota Town Evacuated Following Fiery Oil Train Derailment
by Deirdre Fulton
These newer tank cars are supposedly safer than older DOT-111 models, but environmentalists note that four oil train accidents in the first three months of 2015 all involved the newer CPC-1232 cars.
  In Blow to Tar Sands Industry, NDP Sweeps Alberta Elections
by Lauren McCauley
"I think we might have made a little bit of history tonight," NDP leader Rachel Notley told supporters Tuesday night. "Friends, I believe, that change has finally come to Alberta. New people, new ideas and a fresh start for our great province."
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  From Rage to Reform
by LeeAnn Hall
Police violence is a national problem, and everybody has a stake in solving it.
  We're Citizens, Not Subjects. We Have the Right to Criticize Government without Fear
by Chelsea Manning
The American public needs more access to what the government is doing in its name. That requires increasing freedom of information and transparency.
  Nonviolence for Whom?
by Nathalie Baptiste
If violence isn't the answer, somebody should tell the police.
  How We Reach Critical Mass to Stop Climate Chaos
by Rev. Lennox Yearwood Jr.
Put plainly, if the climate movement does not become more inclusive, the goal of transitioning from fossil fuels to clean energy will not happen.
  The Militarization of American Streets
by Tom Engelhardt
It's not just that the police (and SWAT units) are now filled with vets from the war on terror, or that they are armed with weaponry directly off its battlefields, but that the mentality that has made those wars such disasters has come home with the troops and weaponry.
  There Are Issues That Really Matter at This Election. But Britain's Media Are Ignoring Them
by George Monbiot
How about some recognition of the radical changes in transport demand that are likely, in the age of peak car and peak plane, to render redundant the new roads and airports to which all the large parties are committed? Forget it.
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