Jan 22, 2015


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Falchuk for Governor
United Independent Party

Dear Terry,
Your voice matters, but too often, it doesn't feel like enough people are listening. That's why we founded the United Independent Party - and with your help, we made history in the 2014 election.  
Now, we're working hard to organize people in cities and towns across the Commonwealth, and taking real action on the issues people care about.  
Do you want your voice heard on whether the Olympics should come to Massachusetts? We do - and we're leading the charge to get a vote on it.  
Wherever you live there's probably an organizing meeting in the works. We are offering you the chance to build this new movement with your ideas, your energy and your determination.
Will you be part of supporting this movement?  A donation of any size will help us represent your voice, and the voice of so many other people like you.  
Please donate today.
Thank you - we are so honored by your confidence and your support.
Evan Falchuk
United Independent Party
711 Atlantic Avenue, Lower Level, Boston, MA 02111

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