Jan 8, 2015

'Everything is Awesome'? Not So Much.

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News & Views | 1.8.15


  'Everything is Awesome'? Not So Much for Middle Class, Says Warren
by Deirdre Fulton
Despite positive economic indicators, 'America's middle class is in deep trouble,' says progressive senator.


  Raising Hopes, FCC Chairman Signals Stronger Stance on Net Neutrality Protections
by Nadia Prupis
Speaking at tech conference, Tom Wheeler appears to be following progressive call for reclassification.
  As France Mourns for Charlie Hebdo, Calls For Unity and Understanding
by Jon Queally
'If this attack is allowed to feed discrimination and prejudice, it will be playing straight into the hands of extremists whose clear aim is to divide religions and societies.'
  Burned By Governor, Vermonters Flood Statehouse Demanding Universal Health Care 'Now!'
by Sarah Lazare
'We won't back down,' sing protesters, as health care justice movements nation-wide keep eyes on Vermont fight.
  Drone Guidelines to Protect Civilians Do Not Apply to Afghanistan: White House Official
by Sarah Lazare
New Rolling Stone article provides more evidence that, despite public claims, U.S. war in Afghanistan is nowhere near over.
  Groups Demand End to 'Inhumane Punishment' of Saudi Dissident
by Nadia Prupis
Human rights watchdogs say Saudi officials can still spare blogger Raif Badawi 'this barbaric cruelty.'
  Pesticide Industry Seeks to Leverage Power Through EU-US Trade Deal
by Andrea Germanos
Organziation's new report details how industry proposal puts environment, food safety at risk.
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  Carbon Counterattack: How Big Oil Is Responding to the Anti-Carbon Moment
by Michael T. Klare
Unless directly challenged, this pro-carbon offensive is likely to attract at least as much favor as the claims of anti-carbon activists.
  When Cartoons Upset the 'Wrong People'
by Khalid Albaih
An Arab Muslim cartoonist condemns the Paris attacks even though he finds the magazine's editorial slant hurtful.
  Turning Our Backs (on a Broken World)
by Robert C. Koehler
There's nothing like a good, righteous condemnation to stop a national discussion.
  Close Guantanamo-Then Give It Back to Cuba
by Amy Goodman
It is time to put an end to this dark chapter of United States history.
  Ten Questions for Conservatives
by Lawrence Wittner
Sadly, the rhetoric of modern conservatism―focused on small government, free enterprise, and individual liberty―seems ever more divorced from its behavior.
  Double Standards in the World Order
by Vijay Prashad
Israel can thumb its nose at UN inquiries and openly blame Palestinians for seeking justice through the international courts. Nato can rebuff the UN over Libya. The US can ignore its own torture investigation. The powerful are not accountable.
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