Nov 26, 2014

Twitter analytics: see how many views and engagements your Tweets are driving

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Subject: Twitter analytics: see how many views and engagements your Tweets are driving
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Grow your list of potential customers this season


Access dashboard

HI @tqnews,
    Stay on track during the holiday rush by measuring the impact of your Tweets on website traffic and interactions with followers. Get started by using the free Tweet Activity Dashboard.

    Once you sign in to the dashboard, you'll see Tweet performance analytics from that point forward. You'll be able to:

    Track results in real time
    · Select the date range for the data you want and align it with when your holiday promotions are running on Twitter.
    · Pinpoint which Tweets are driving the most views and engagements by clicking on any Tweet in the dashboard to see detailed analytics.

    Use the analytics to inform your Twitter strategy
    If you're running a promotion, see whether Tweets featuring certain products or services are driving more engagement than others; then replicate these combinations in future Tweets.

    Start uncovering insights from your Tweets to attract more customers for the holidays.
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Nov 23, 2014

Last will of Joe Hill. T.a.T.u. Kalinka and more.

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Sometimes great stories deserve more than 140 characters.
Convert your Tweets, Facebook status updates, Instagram photos, and other social media posts into longer-form articles or blog posts. You can even add in images, video, and media. To expand your brief thoughts into full-fledged RebelMouse posts, just hit edit and add more content. It's that easy.
Yesterday, you had 22 total posts on your site.
Terry Travers
Terry Travers
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Nov 22, 2014

Five blogs you should give a tumbl


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Five blogs you won't believe are in this email.
Explore what's trending on Tumblr
I'm Mark Ruffalo. This is my Tumblr. I share Hulk & Banner selfies, information...
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Viviane's seasonal, modern, exuberant recipes. Because food is love.
By Marly Halpern-Graser & Justin Becker
Official website featuring news, live dates, photos and more. Deluxe album out...
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