Jun 19, 2014


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This photo isn't one of Steve's, but is my very first double-exposure, taken in the Winter of 1943-44. Just an old Brownie Camera with a remote shutter and a box of Blue Cheer.

NBA Finals 2014: Spurs obliterate the Heat behind MVP Kawhi Leonard

Jun 11, 2014

CHECK OUT If Charlie Parker Was a Gunslinger,There'd Be a Whole Lot of Dead Copycats

The Art of Songwriting #34

I Want To Be A Cowboys Sweetheart (Words and music Patsy Montana) (Bob Miller Inc. Music Publisher 1935)

Rik Mayall Dead at 56

Richard 'Rik' Mayall (7th March 1958 -9 June 2014) BBC Obit here

Radio Free Gunslinger #84: 39 or 40 Amusing Things

Your host for this edition of *Radio Free Gunslinger* is Ozzie Nelson It is entitled 39 or 40 Amusing Things The Content First Sequence: Phil Spector - It's That Kind of Day The Paris Sisters - Yes, I Love You Gene Pitney - Dream for Sale Ben E. King - Young Boy Blues The Teddy Bears - If You Only Knew Second Sequence: Bobby Sheen - Laugh Right in My Face Ray Peterson - Why Don't you Write Me? Gene Toone & The Blazers - You're My Baby Johnny Nash - A Thousand Miles Away Kell Osborne - That's All Right, Baby Third Sequence: Yoko Ono - Why? Dion - Only You Know The Checkmates, Ltd. - L... more »

Artifacts #54

Dutch newspaper report from December 30, 1888: 'Last Sunday night at half past eleven a painter named Vincent Van Gogh, appeared at the maison de tolérance No 1, asked for a girl called Rachel, and handed her ... his ear with these words: 'Keep this object like a treasure.' Then he disappeared. The police, informed of these events, which could only be the work of an unfortunate madman, looked the next morning for this individual, whom they found in bed with scarcely a sign of life. The po