May 22, 2014

Fwd: Networking, Self-Promotion, and Improving Your RB Profile: It's BubbleWrap!

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8 Ways to Improve Your RB Profile

Have you ever wondered what makes a Redbubble portfolio 'do well'? Our intrepid writer (and artist herself) Beth Caird shares her thoughts on what works, and what to steer clear of, and has some useful tips about how to make your portfolio better and more successful.


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Networking in the Real World

This isn't about social media. Hashtags, Tweets, and Facebook likes. Each of those are important but first things first, the art begins in the real world, in a living space, and there are simple tools at the ready to help you reach that audience of strangers you see everyday.


Redbubble artist Chris Jalufka has done the hardwork for you and roadtested various methods of networking and self-promotion. He shares his top 4 tried & tested ways in this article.


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Featured Artist: Eric Fan Join Our Open Discussions Featured Artist: Eric Petersen

Artist Eric Fan is more than just a spectacular illustrator, he's also packed to the gills with great advice for fellow Redbubblers who may be struggling with the precarious and prickly world of self-promotion.


Weekly we throw out a question to RB artists and we want you to join the conversation. We've talked about networking, promotion, working for free, and this week we're pondering whether artists need to be lonely. So what are you waiting for? Start talking (well, typing).


We had the pleasure of speaking with Washington-based artist Eric Petersen about his brilliant, challenging work and got into the aesthetic of instructional manuals and his love of classic comics.

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Join In

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Bike To Work Month
Bet you didn't know that bikes are so awesome they get their own month, did ya now? That's right, May is National Bike Month (in the US at least), and May 16th was 'Bike To Work Day'. You can celebrate Bike Month by clothing yourself, your case, or your walls in one of these bikeish designs.
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