Mar 2, 2014

Leaders, Leaks, Deep States, and Democracy | Your Week In Review

Date: Sat, 1 Mar 2014 10:23:13 -0500
Subject: Leaders, Leaks, Deep States, and Democracy | Your Week In Review

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  Students to Obama: If You Won't Lead on Climate Action, We Will
by Jon Queally
"XL Dissent is about young people standing together and engaging in a bold act of civil disobedience, and through this, demonstrating our commitment to making this world a more humane, peaceful, and inclusive place to live."
  Major Nuclear Dump Has Leaked, But Does US Gov't Have a Plan B?
by Sarah Lazare
"It's like buying a house and having the carpenter promise to put in a toilet in 100 years. This has been the American policy approach."
  Organic Agriculture: 'The Way Forward' in the Age of Climate Change
by Andrea Germanos
"Cling to a food system that contributes to climate change and jeopardizes food security, or adopt a regenerative system that strengthens food security and helps mitigate the climate crisis — The choice is ours to make."
  Boycott! Teachers Take Bold Stand Against 'Insatiable Data Monster'
by Jon Queally
"This is one step towards reclaiming humanity and the joy of learning and education."
  Cheering a 'Democratic' Coup in Ukraine
by Robert Parry
"The idea seems to be to cement in the minds of impressionable Americans that it is okay for the U.S. government to support the overthrow of democratically elected presidents if they have flaws."
  'Truly Shocking': Govt Spies Hacked into Live Webcam Chats of Millions
by Jon Queally
"This report raises troubling questions about the NSA's complicity in what is a massive and unprecedented violation of privacy."
  Saving Our Blue Future: The Human Race Needs a New Water Ethic
by Maude Barlow
"Just as water can be a source of disputes, conflict, and violence, water can bring people, communities, and nations together in the shared search for solutions."
  'Yoga Mat Sandwich'? Plastics Chemical Found in Over 500 Food Items
by Jacob Chamberlain
"Americans have regularly eaten this chemical along with hundreds of other questionable food additives for years."
  What the Hell is Barack Obama's Presidency For?
by Gary Younge
"If there was a plot, he's lost it. If there was a point, few can remember it. If he had a big idea, he shrank it. If there's a moral compass powerful enough to guide such contradictions to more consistent waters, it is in urgent need of being reset."
  Anatomy of the Deep State: Beneath Veneer of Democracy, The Permanent Ruling Class
by Mike Lofgren
"Yes, there is another government concealed behind the one that is visible at either end of Pennsylvania Avenue, a hybrid entity of public and private institutions ruling the country according to consistent patterns in season and out, connected to, but only intermittently controlled by, the visible state whose leaders we choose."
  The Five Commandments of Barack Obama
by Karen Greenberg
"How 'Thou Shalt Not' became 'Thou Shalt'..."

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