Mar 5, 2014

Fwd: Terry Travers: RebelMouse is Ready for You

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Looking good Terry_Travers!
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High Five, Rebel! Here's how to get started with RebelMouse:
Drag and Drop Your Posts
Move them around until they look just the way you want them.
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Change the headers, themes, and layouts. Or customize your own.
Turn a Tweet or Share into a Full Post.
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Share Your New Site!
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Beyond the bunny slope? Here are some more advanced RebelMouse options:
Add a RebelMouse embed to your website.
Check out our easy guide for any site including WordPress.
Add content from a hashtag, a Twitter list and curate from drafts.
Turn on Twitter Shout Outs to credit users when sharing their content. Learn more
Set up your own daily newsletter from the content on your page. Learn more
Are You a Brand or Publisher? Check out Rebel Enterprise
Extend the reach of the content on your page within Rebel ad units.
Produce editorial and crowdsourced coverage of breaking news.
Bolster high-value content sections that integrate sponsored content.
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General How To's
RebelMouse is constantly changing and improving, so check out our own front page for updates, tips and more. We'd love to hear what you think! Reach us via email, Twitter or Facebook.
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