Mar 21, 2014


Rockin Nun, Pope's Warning, Mourning Fred Phelps
Nun Rocks It On Italy's 'The Voice'
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A native of Sicily, the nun arrived at the show accompanied by four sisters from her community as well as her parents. “I came here because I have a gift and I want to share that gift. I am here to evangelize.”
'I Mourn The Man He Could Have Been'
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Pope Warns Mobsters They Risk Going To Hell
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Fox voiceovers loom: "Food stamp abusers, eating on taxpayers." Then another, "America's poor are actually living the good life" -- quite a despicable comment revealing the perspective of those who have never lived with, worked with, or even been around poor people in America.
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By the time of his death, Phelps had lived long enough to see American public opinion soar in exactly the opposite direction — in favor of gay rights, including marriage.
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Giving up God for Lent
We need to be clear that there is a difference between loss and abstinence. I choose to abstain for a purpose, but loss may be imposed on me by circumstance.
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Israel's Chief Rabbinate Says Actress Must Give Up Her Career To Convert
The Chief Rabbinate, which has sole authority to determine who is and isn’t Jewish in Israel, is refusing to allow an actress to convert to Judaism unless she gives up her acting career.
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Saudi Arabia's Not The Only Place With A Religious Police Problem
Pew's findings on religious police, part of a larger study of religious hostilities worldwide, counted 17 countries with one form or another of religiously motivated law enforcement.
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