Feb 22, 2014

Fwd: Past Pope, Present Pope, Possible Future Pope

Saturday 22 February 2014
VATICAN CITY (AP) — Retired Pope Benedict XVI joined Pope Francis at a ceremony Saturday creating the cardinals who will elect their successor in an unprecedented blending of papacies past, present and future.

Benedict discreetly entered St. Peter's Basilica from a side entrance surrounded by a small entourage and was greeted with applause and tears from the stunned people in the pews. He smiled, waved and seemed genuinely happy to be there, taking his seat in the front row, off to the side, alongside the red-draped cardinals. Continue reading...
In the Ukraine Crisis, Don't Forget the Welfare of the Jewish and Muslim Minorities
The horrifying explosion of violence around Ukraine this week has apparently left as many 100 people dead and many more wounded. Amidst the specter of chaotic civil war, there is plenty or reason for concern for Ukraine's approximately 70,000 Jews and 500,000 Muslims, the majority of whom are Crimean Tatars. Continue reading...
On Being Weak
We're afraid that everyone will know we're an impostor, a fake and a weakling. But here's the thing: I am weak. And that's not something I need to be ashamed of. What is shameful is pretending I'm not. Continue reading...
Pathway to an Authentic, Real-World Faith
Clearly, humans are not the point or necessarily the purpose of creation. It is the ultimate ego-trip to imagine we are. Which makes the reading of our sacred literature all the more interesting to me. Continue reading...
Pope Francis and the Paradox of Faith
I periodically go to religious services for their moments of quiet and reflection. Too often I leave feeling the faith leader missed an opportunity to reach the congregants and to advance the cause of humanity. But I am also fortunate to know some faith leaders who, like the Pope, dare to show the way. Continue reading...
Jewish Intermarriage and Israel
To claim that the decline in my generation's attachment to Israel is principally due to our being a generation of less connected Jews is to cling too strongly to the ideology that the modern State of Israel is and always will be a bona fide marker of a Jew's commitment to his or her religion. Continue reading...

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