Feb 12, 2014

Fwd: The Catholic Divide, Shroud Of Turin, Natalie Portman's Troubles

Wednesday 12 February 2014
A new poll shows a stark global contrast on the Catholic church's teachings when comparing followers in parts of Africa and Asia to those in North America, Europe and parts of South America. The survey also reveals a rejection of church teaching on contraception with close to four out of five Catholics around the world supporting their use.

The survey, which Univision conducted among 12,000 people in 12 nations with some of the largest Catholic populations in the world, showed strong disagreements among Catholics on issues such as whether divorced people who remarry outside the church should receive communion, whether the church should keep its ban on female priests and whether they agree with its position against same-sex marriage. Continue reading...
Grace at Home: Thoughts on Christian Parenting from the 'Village Priest'
 Continue reading...
Selfies and Self-Love: Why You Should Spend Valentine's Day With Discomfort
Why have selfies become such a thing? I have a theory. There's no "Dislike" button on Facebook. Or Instagram for that matter. And if you want to dislike something on Twitter the way you do that is by replying to that person with a statement of complaint. Continue reading...
Global Anti-Semitism and the Erosion of Shame
Anti-Semitism has characteristics like other forms of bigotry in terms of stereotyping, alienation from the other, and discrimination. But what makes it different, and which goes a long way to explain anomalous things about anti-Semitism is the core of the anti-Semitic idea. Continue reading...
Screenwriter of My Girl Writes First Novel About Faith: An Interview With Laurice Molinari
The novel chronicles a young boy's discovery and the training he receives in a mystical place called The Ether, as well as the battles he fights in that pit good against evil. Continue reading...
Today's Churches... Filling Pews or Filling Hearts?
So, if you are in that 83% of Americans affiliated with one of those 450,000 churches, you need to ask that important question: "Is your church just filling pews, or is it filling hearts?" Continue reading...

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