Jan 11, 2014

TQ forwards Common Dreams/Your Week In Review


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  Chomsky Describes US Domestic Policy in Two Words: 'Pure Savagery'
by Jacob Chamberlain
"Cuts to food stamps and jobless benefits are predictable results of a 'neoliberal assault' on American people, says Chomsky."
  Think Metadata Isn't Intrusive? Read This
by Kade Crockford
"Graphs by MIT students show the enormously intrusive nature of metadata."
  After 20 Years of NAFTA Poverty, Lawmakers Move to Fast-Track TPP
by Sarah Lazare
"The Trans-Pacific Partnership would be an unmitigated disaster for everything from the environment to internet freedom and working families."
  American Jihad 2014: On the New National Security State Fundamentalists
by Tom Engelhardt
"Put it all together and what you have is a description of a militant organization whose purpose is to carry out a Washington version of global jihad, a perpetual war in the name of the true faith."
  Another Fiery Derailment Hits Booming Crude-by-Rail Business
by Andrea Germanos
"It's beyond irresponsible to ignore. The combination of unsafe rail cars, mixed with exceptionally dangerous oil, is a recipe for disaster."
  I Wear the Badge of Socialist With Honor
by Kshama Sawant
"Again, throughout the length and breadth of this land, working people are mobilizing for a decent and dignified life for themselves and their children."
  'Burglars' Revealed: Sixties Activists Who Stole FBI COINTELPRO Files
by Jon Queally
"Vietnam War protestors broke into an FBI office and stole hundreds of government documents that shocked a nation."
  Study: Polarization and Gridlock Work Well for the Wealthiest Americans
by Joshua Holland
"Inequality is self-reinforcing, so as the rich become richer, Congress's inability to pass legislation that could change that situation gets worse."
  Investigation Confirms Widespread Fears about Fracking
by Sarah Lazare
"Despite roadblocks by industry and state officials, well water contamination found in four states.
  Peak Oil Is Dead, Long Live Peak Oil!
by Michael T. Klare
"The bottom line: as companies exploit increasingly tough, hard-to-reach reserves, global peak oil remains in our future."

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