Jan 26, 2014

Fwd: News of the Week: Peace & Union Edition! Syria, South China Sea, Space, Afghanistan, Unions, Boeing, MLK!

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Syria Peace Conference: the Obama administrations' Orwellian subterfuge


It is difficult to call this week's gathering in Montreux, Switzerland, a "peace conference" on Syria, since the U.S. and its allies are determined to change the regime by force of arms. Washington has forged an "unholy alliance with its "Wahhabi allies from Saudi Arabia and al-Qaeda," who act as America's "boots on the ground."

Interview with 'Save our Unions' author


Jack Rasmus interview with Steve Early looks at the past four decades of partial victories, and numerous defeats, suffered by union labor in America, and what needs to be done for unions to rise again and play the vital economic and social role they once did.

Warmongers monger: When will we ever learn?


O happy day for militarists and weapons makers! China is asserting its right to islands that were captured fair and square by Japan in 1895. Actually, China has protested Japan's ownership of certain islands near China at least since 1879, when China asked Ulysses S. Grant to keep Japan from annexing Okinawa, including Yaeyama. But now, China has claimed airspace that challenges Japanese and US hegemony in the South China Sea. This is great for war business!

MLK - Beyond the Dreamer


In the last year of his life, Martin Luther King Jr. struggled with what are best understood as existential challenges as he began to move toward an ever-more-profound and radical understanding of what would be required to deal with the nation's domestic and international problems.

The direction he was exploring, I believe, is far more relevant to the realities we now face than many have realized—or have wanted to realize.

Rejecting the Rule of Law - In Space


The U.S. Now Backs a "Code of Conduct" for Space, Instead of a Legally Binding Treaty to Ban Space Weapons. The U.S. has been the only nation to block every vote to begin negotiations on such a treaty, with Israel generally abstaining in support.

Karzai must stand up to US war crimes


Interview with Green Shadow Cabinet Secretary of Defence, Leah Bolger, on the response of the Afghan government to US warcrimes.

The Afghanistan War is now the longest in US history.

"Shamefully... the American people have gained nothing. The people who have gained in this war is what we call the Military Industrial Complex - the defence contractors the makers of the weapons, who have made a lot of money on this war, and they want to see it continue." - Leah Bolger

Boeing workers speak out


Jack Rasmus follows up his article Boeing Workers Forced Into Massive Concessions with interviews of Boeing workers who were forced into massive concessions by a combined offensive by Boeing Corp., in alliance with politicians, their International Union office, and suspiciously organized community groups paid by sources yet unknown.



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