Jan 3, 2014

Fwd: The Israel Edition, well mostly

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Blue is the most sacred color, for the Jews

Miriam goes to a world first conference on the Jewish blue "techelet" and comes back with new revelations on how this rare color, more expensive than gold, was produced in ancient times. Thanks to a snail. She also watches how the stinky concoction is made.

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Tour Tel Aviv's twisted bus station and get lost

This bus station in Tel Aviv leads to love stories, public urination, bat caves and nowhere. Some locals in Tel Aviv are learning to love the old monstrosity, which until 2010 was the biggest bus station in the world.

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Aquaponics is like farming with a fishing rod, in Israel

Consulting the United Nations FAO, meet this urban pioneer who is helping Africans, Palestinians, Jordanians and urban farmers use an ancient method for making organic food at home.

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