Jan 31, 2014

Fwd: From 47 cents to $11 a day

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Give a family the tools to lift themselves out of poverty with Heifer International.

Dear Terry,

“After we joined we were able to change our lives.” – Molina Begum, Bangladesh.

Not long ago, Molina struggled to provide even basic needs for her family. She was desperate to change her family's future, but with little education and no savings, every door seemed closed. One day while talking with a neighbor, Molina heard about Heifer International, and that we were giving animals to women in her area.

The gift of a dairy cow from a generous Heifer donor provided what Molina needed to build a secure and hopeful future for her family.

As a mother, her first priority was clear: provide nutritious and more frequent meals to her family. A close second was improving their home environment and educating their daughter. What seem like small goals to us seemed insurmountable to Molina.

But a Heifer gift provided the tools for Molina to build a more sustainable future for her family:

Molina Begum, Bangladesh, with her family

One gift makes a difference

Molina Begum’s gift from a Heifer International donor has given her family a brighter future. Your gift today can make a difference in 2014 for another family like Molina’s.

Give a Heifer gift
  • The family’s mango nursery now sells 10 times as many trees thanks to trainings they received.
  • Molina’s daughter is attending school regularly and has dreams of attending university.
  • Daily income has gone from 47 cents to $11!
  • More animals like chickens, pigeons and a goat have diversified the family farm.
And, according to Molina, the entire village has improved drastically as well.

Isn’t it impressive how far one Heifer gift can go?

Make another Heifer gift today and provide the tools for another family to lift themselves out of poverty.

Heifer gifts often come to mind as great holiday gifts (and they are!) but our projects rely on gifts throughout the year. Ending hunger and poverty happens each day in every community we serve.

Last year alone, we were able to help another 2.1 million families achieve self-reliance, many of whom were in desperate situations like Molina. Now, with secure sources of food and income, those families are helping others through the act of Passing on the Gift.

You can change a life with one simple gift. Please support Heifer’s work and become a part of changing another family’s life today.

Changing lives together,

Pierre U. Ferrari
Pierre U. Ferrari
President and CEO

Heifer International
1 World Avenue, Little Rock, AR/USA 72202 | Tel.: 855.9HUNGER (855.948.6437)
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