Dec 27, 2013

Fwd: No one's eating whales — so why's Iceland killing them?

Iceland is butchering endangered whales for no reason — and it will cost marine ecosystems everything.
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Dear Jane Bird,

Barely anyone eats whale meat anymore — so why is the Icelandic government still allowing up to 1,145 minke and 770 endangered fin whales to be butchered every year?

Whale hunting hurts Iceland's tourism trade, alienates the country diplomatically, and wastes resources catching and killing a product only three percent of Iceland's people eat.

Please, join us in calling on Iceland to stop butchering marine wildlife for no reason. Whales are sensitive, sentient creatures who keep marine ecosystems going — and if we're going to stop their senseless slaughter, we need to speak out now.

PETITION TO ICELAND'S GOVERNMENT: Stop sanctioning the hunting of marine mammals like the minke and endangered fin whale, and start protecting these amazing creatures from this senseless slaughter.

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-- The folks at

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