Dec 19, 2013

7 Freeze to Death in SF | The Media's 'War on Men' | Is Beyoncé a Feminist?

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NEWS UPDATE - December 19, 2013

7 Homeless People Freeze to Death in Wealthiest Area of the Country

Scott Keyes, ThinkProgress

Bay area deaths highlight gap between haves and have-nothings . . . again. READ MORE»

New Study: 97% of All Chicken Breasts Contain Harmful Bacteria

Rod Bastanmehr, AlterNet

Consumer Reports shines a sickening light on America's most popular meat. READ MORE»

Dave Eggers: US Writers Must Take a Stand Against NSA Surveillance

Dave Eggers, The Guardian

As McCarthy-era survivor, screenwriter Walter Bernstein says: 'Resist, resist, resist!' READ MORE»

9 Things the Media Called the 'War on Men' in 2013

By Hannah Groch-Begley, MediaMatters

Sexism, against men, is everywhere these days. READ MORE»

Georgia Congressman Tells Poor Kids to 'Sweep the Floors' For School Lunches

By Rod Bastanmehr, AlterNet

School lunch programs are very expensive, he argues. READ MORE»

Should Beyoncé Get to Be Called a Feminist?

By Brittney Cooper, Salon

'I've been taken aback by the sisters who seriously can't stand Beyoncé.' READ MORE»

Right-Wing Front Group Poses as Journalists to Attack Investigation Into Political Money Laundering

By Brendan Fischer, Center for Media and Democracy

Wisconsin's secretive right-wing political operators are nervous. READ MORE»

Robert Reich: What Will It Take for Us to Get Back to Being a Decent Society?

By Robert Reich,

. . . Now that we're second only to Romania for child poverty. READ MORE»

AlterNet Comics: Jen Sorensen on Gun Control

By Jen Sorensen, AlterNet

It seems the guns are in control! READ MORE»

It's Not Meth, It's for Hair, Busted Businessman Says

By Darryl Green, Courthouse News

Police raid hair product lab, accuse owner of cooking meth for Hell's Angels READ MORE»

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