Nov 30, 2013

Who are the Troublemakers in our Democracy?

The Massachusetts Observer

Posted: 29 Nov 2013 02:39 PM PST

Massachusetts Observer Radio presents programs from the past that shine light on the present.

Radio programs were not traditionally saved for posterity, and sometimes we must be satisfied with any recordings or even snippets that have survived. The episode of "America's Town Meeting of the Air" centering around the question "Who are the Troublemakers in our Democracy?" which was broadcast in May of 1952 is a good example. We have only part of that program available.

Its import, however, makes it worthy of our attention. The discussion was taking place during what many have seen as a Communist witch hunt in the United States at the time. Senator Joseph McCarthy, who zeal to ferret out Communist and/or sympathizers left us with a name for the practice: McCarthyism.

Three speakers from different points of view are heard in this order: Arnold Forster, Merle Miller, and Victor Riesel. Who they are and what they believe will be heard. The moderator is Marquis Childs.

For Massachusetts Observer Radio listeners, who believe in making up their own minds on the issues, here is the program. To listen, please click here. 
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