Nov 25, 2013

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The Massachusetts Observer

Whose Democracy is It?

Posted: 24 Nov 2013 10:59 AM PST

Massachusetts Observer Radio presents programs from the past to shed light on the present.

The Date: December 12, 1940

The Location: New York City

The Discussion: What are we preparing to defend?

The Event: Broadcast of America's Town Meeting of the Air

The Participants: Harry Overstreet, author, writer, and president of The American Association for Adult Education /Colby Chester, Chairman of General Foods

Two speakers with very different views attempt to answer the question which we re-state as "Whose Democracy is It?"

Technical Points: Many of the early recordings were not intended to be saved and were not always carefully handled. In this broadcast, there are a few skips at the beginning during Mr. Denny's introduction; they can be easily understood, however. Additionally, our program ends abruptly with a question about corporate inquiries into public education directed toward Colby Chester. After he answers the question, the program finishes.

Final Point: Despite any technical glitches, the discussion is an important one that echoes much that we hear in our present time. Serious seekers of historical precedence to current events will find it worthy of their time.

Please click here to listen to the program.
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