Nov 4, 2013



Harry Belafonte speaks his heart and the 
Koch brothers are angered by Harry's words.

How the Koch Brothers Orchestrated the Shutdown- blog

A lot of what is written I have read in other news feeds. This guy breaks it down and it is an easier read then jumping from news article to news article. What I don't get is how these brothers thought they could $$$ influence the shut down and noooobody would be the wiser.
Just in my own article search I found links to them over and over again. What these brothers did accomplish and I am thrilled about it, is the distrust of the Tea Party by more then a handful of Americans.

My suggestion is that you follow Eric Zuesse's feed on Huffington. If I was on Twitter I would look for him. The link below leads to more information on the Koch brothers and of particular interest to me the Keystone Pipe line which Obama is to say yes or no to soon.

HILLARY CLINTON, who has not openly stated that she is running already has endorsements.

Director Ron Howard stated that if Hillary runs he was voting for her.

Just my two cents which may be a poor choice of words. What happened with taxing the rich.
Is the better plan to slash some programs that actually help people.  

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