Oct 10, 2013


I worked hard on this so while we're thinking about it, here is this.


" The new way low, lows for Republicans.", Mother Jones.  I have to look at this with an open mind and it is so easy to point fingers. When People meet in secrete with the soul purpose to better their pockets at the expense others, I have trouble opening my heart to them. I think it is like being on the debate team in High School and you get the not so popular topic to fight for. 
  I didn't attend any of the secrete meetings, so I am speculating here. A Health Care program that would cut into capital for a group of people who believe in their hearts, that the next President will be Republican. That once this Health Plan is put into action that there will be no way to stop it down the road, when the Republicans are in the White House. Not just any Republicans but hand picked Republicans.
  There is a huge hovering bad thing and it happened when elections got so very expensive. Some not so nice rich folks thought they could buy their way into office. I don't know if your a little people but I'm a little people. That we the little people were still under the belief that fair elections got people voted in. That little people cast their ballot with confidence. I would like to believe that the little people's vote still ment something but I don't,  especially during this ridiculous plot. Now it appears that all that plotting and planning will have to wait for another time. Doesn't seem to be working now. Please don't make the mistake to believe that the secrete back room meetings will end. Big wake up call. Think of them as Gremlins. There seem to be more and more of them, who are bought up with promises by big money. My opinion is that big money got John Boehner in as Speaker. I could be totally off the wall but I think he is bought and paid for. 
  Big money is slithering away in the dark. Shazam, amazing wonderful reporters who found out about secrete meetings and the ever so popular Koch brothers, humongous contribution for the soul purpose of doing away with Obamacare, so they could have more money when the Republican of their choosing was elected President. Not your choosing theirs. The Koch brothers are not the only big money out there
  We are still hanging by a thread. Whatever you may have thought about our President he has done splendidly. He has not given into legal blackmail. If he did so, it would mean that any one at any time could think they could try it again. 
  Keep your eyes open, Gremlins are all over the place and they multiply. They haven't given up. 

Remember Newt.

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Mother Jones

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