Oct 23, 2013

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Thriller, Sci-Fi, or America 2013?

Posted: 15 Oct 2013 09:45 PM PDT

As most readers know, a hobby of mine is old time radio. I spend many hours listening to and selecting programs for my Southbridge Old Time Radio site. The following will be published there on Thursday, but I believe it may be of interest to Massachusetts Observer readers also, especially because of its political significance.  I had never heard of this series, "Everyman's Theater," until last week, and I found its timeliness stunning. 


It's a bit hard to classify today's Southbridge Old Time Radio program. It certainly has a chilling effect. It could be science fiction because it describes an America of the future. It could also be a commentary on present conditions in The United States and the ramifications of doing nothing.

A man returns from a vacation after being cut off from all sources of news. He does not recognize the America he left before his vacation. Something has changed drastically.

The government has been taken over by some who used the very freedoms of America to cancel those freedoms. It's the result of a long-range plan that includes propaganda and money from rich individuals to usurp the government from within.

Arch Obler, the author of today's play, explains his difficulty in getting this episode of Everyman's Theater broadcast.

Without further commentary, and with the hope that many will listen to this powerful program, Southbridge Old Time Radio presents "This Precious Freedom."

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