Oct 6, 2013



In 95 I painted this. When I was a kid and the siblings got to be too much in the summer time I would go to these rocks just off Phillips Avenue, in Pigeon Cove, MA. The storm of 77 rearranged these rocks and I wanted to hold the memory of my youth. I would sit back facing the ocean not knowing when the ice cold wave would come and get me.
  I called an artist friend and asked how to paint water. he said get a book, that's what he had to do.
I wanted to paint right then, so with no book, no Internet, no art lessons, I begin to paint. I was teaching myself dry brush. I had a blast painting waves but botched the splashing wave on left. I also didn't know you where suppose to use the white of the paper.
  Everything is a learning process. With all the mistakes in this painting, I have it framed. I know where my watercolors are just not the brushes. Perhaps in the cosmic sense that's good because it's time to learn acrylic on canvas.
  Progress is always good.

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