Sep 15, 2013

Texas Panel: "Creation Science" Should Be in Every Biology Textbook

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September 13, 2013



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This week, we've brought you some important stories. A timeline of government surveillance. Analysis of of the Syria debate. A scoop on Larry Summers' big Citigroup problem. And the latest news from the debate over teaching "creation science."

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Texas Panel: "Creation Science" Should Be in Every Biology Textbook

By Josh Harkinson

Behind closed doors, textbook reviewers appointed by the Texas State Board of Education are pushing to inject creationism into teaching materials that will be adopted statewide in high schools this year, according to new documents obtained by watchdog groups. Records show that the textbook reviewers made ideological objections to material on evolution and climate change in science textbooks from at least seven publishers, including several of the nation's largest publishing houses. Failing to obtain a review panel's top rating can make it harder for publishers to sell their textbooks to school districts, and can even lead the state to reject the books altogether. [READ MORE]


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Super Syrial

The debate over bombing Syria cooled off this week as President Obama embraced a Russian plan to force Bashar al-Assad to give up his chemical weapons. Check our latest explainer for more updates, and don't miss Dana Liebelson's scoop on the bizarre way the United States is verifying that millions of dollars in aid is going to moderate rebels.

Fox News wants you to know that all this Syria stuff could be part of a biblical prophecy.

A former military contractor tried to sell what he says is a secret surveillance rock…on eBay…for $10 million.

Josh Harkinson explains how one small California city could be Wall Street's worst nightmare.

There's a wild new viral music video called "The Fox." We talked to its creator. [READ MORE]


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