Sep 26, 2013




Alaska Dispatch
Apple Maps corrects error by taking Fairbanks airport off map.

When asked for directions to the Fairbanks airport, Apple maps was directing users onto an active taxiway, but don't worry, the problem has been fixed ... sort of. Sept 24, 2013
Apple has created a temporary "you can't get there from here" fix for the iPhone map app that directed Fairbanks drivers onto a taxiway at Fairbanks International Airport.

It took directions to the airport off the map, unless you type in the exact street address for the Fairbanks terminal.

As of Wednesday, users of iPhone Maps who asked for directions began seeing a message that "a route could not be determined" to the Fairbanks airport. This gets rid of the map error that gave turn-by-turn directions for drivers who wanted to reach the airport to end up on Taxiway Bravo.

iPhone map app directs Fairbanks drivers onto airport taxiway
In the last three weeks at least two drivers from outside of Fairbanks drove onto the airport taxiway, as directed by the iPhone map app. The airport complained to Apple and barricaded the access point on the East Ramp of the airport.

For passengers who want the map app to direct them to the airport on time, the only way to do so now is to specify the address, 6450 Airport Way, Fairbanks, AK. 



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