Aug 1, 2013

TAKE ACTION! Strengthen Fracking Rules on our Public Lands

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TAKE ACTION! Strengthen Fracking Rules On Our Public Lands Take action today!

Drilling for coal bed methane near Price, Utah. (BLM/Price Field Office)

The president promised that the gas drilling boom would not come at the expense of public health. A proposed rule for drilling on public lands fails to meet that promise.

Take Action Today!

11 times? That's how many times the oil and gas industry met with the Department of the Interior, pressuring officials with the Bureau of Land Management to weaken proposed fracking regulations for federal public lands.

The result? A set of fracking regulations that would make former Vice President and Halliburton CEO Dick Cheney proud.

Not only can companies hide fracking chemical information behind trade secret claims, they won't have to test individual wells' cement casings—a critical barrier between fracking chemicals and underground aquifers. Our federal public lands provide drinking water for millions of Americans. This weak policy will put these drinking water sources at risk.

As Earthjustice's Jessica Ennis told the Washington Post and New York Times, "The Bureau of Land Management caved to the wealthy and powerful oil and gas industry and left the public to fend for itself."

Last time around, members of the public sent in 174,000 public comments on the BLM's fracking regulations. This time, can we double it?

The oil and gas industry got its chance. Now it's YOUR turn. Let's make it count.

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Kathleen Sutcliffe

Kathleen Sutcliffe
Campaign Manager

Take action today!


Pump unit producing coal bed methane. (BLM/Price Field Office)

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 Photo Credits:   Top: Drilling for coal bed methane near Price, Utah. (BLM/Price Field Office)  
 Bottom: Pump unit producing coal bed methane. (BLM/Price Field Office)

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