Jul 19, 2013

Fwd: New Feature: Copy The Following Of Other Twitter Users

Big deal, I already do this piecemeal.

Hi Terry,

Surfacing quality people to follow on Twitter is always challenging and time-consuming.

We have added a much sought-after feature, namely mimic following to help you quickly find quality Twitter users to follow.

With mimic following you provide us with the usernames of up to five Twitter users at a time. We analyze those users' Following list (the people they follow) and present the entries of the Following lists to you in batches in the Vet Followers/Friends area. You then decide whether you want to follow or reject each entry.

Leverage the curation that others have done to find quality people to follow in your areas of interest. You only need to find the right people whose following you want to copy.

The feature is available to Professional users and can be found under Followers/Friends, Friend Finder in the menu.

Login to your SocialOomph account with username tqnews to access the new feature. Your email on record is trrytrvrs@gmail.com. (You will need both the username and email address if you forgot your password.)

If you have any questions, please do contact us at our help desk.

As a reminder, SocialOomph is your preferred social media productivity service, giving you unique social update scheduling and other useful social media tools.

Best regards,

SocialOomph Sales Staff

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