Jul 26, 2013


Dear Barack Obama,
I guess when the chips are down, race baiting can result in the necessary manufactured “crisis” you and your fellow Democrats gleefully embrace when you are in dire need of a much needed distraction. Barack, you are a black president, born and raised by white women, educated and put into office by rich white liberals, and you still feel you can sincerely play the race card?  I will agree you with you Barack, blacks are at a distinct disadvantage, because you and your deceitful government use them as pawns in your quest for power and political supremacy. You and your fellow Marxists make sure that the public school system graduates them without the ability to read, write or speak. As long as they can demand and receive free abortions, cell phones, junk food and $100 Nike sneakers you know they can be lulled into dependency and lazy living on our decaying city streets.
Barack, your dirty government dependent neighborhoods reveal a revolting display of dropped underwear, hooded faces, gold teeth and bling that flashes brilliant by the light of  broken street lamps. These are thugs that use guns to win arguments and kill innocent people for the sheer excitement of murdering their fellow man, both white and black. According to Trayvon Martin’s father, Barack, you are “guiding the national conversation,” a racist conversation that is meant to instill hatred and mount violence on these same volatile streets.
Is this a proud moment in history for a black president who was elected to unite, not divide? In addition Barack, I am a bit confused, because I remember your campaign promise to be “transparent” and you are hardly forthright. I cannot understand why you have failed to mention the fact that due to your affirmative action policy in the Miami-Dade School district, where Trayvon Martin attended school, you made it policy to purposely divert felonious students, especially black males, from the criminal justice system. Yes Barack, suspending black male criminals for varying periods from school and falsely classifying these blatant crimes as merely “suspensions”. As you well know Barack, Trayvon, the kid who you say could have been you 35 years ago, was suspended from school in this manner on two separate occasions. During his first crime spree, he was apprehended with a box of burglary tools and a large collection of stolen women’s jewelry. On the second occasion, he was apprehended with marijuana and drug equipment. Of course the jury was never made privy to this information because, after all, Trayvon was just “suspended” from school for being a crook and was never incarcerated. 
Barack, I finally get it. I understand why you see yourself in Trayvon, because just like Trayvon, you are a crook who was able to steal the election in 2008 with your illegitimate birth certificate. You continue to lie about your corrupt involvement in the death of American citizens.....does Benghazi ring a bell.... and have been able to continue to lead the country while being implicated in multiple scandals, without any legal consequences. Barack, just like Trayvon, you will eventually pay for your crimes. If “We The People” cannot impeach you, the good Lord, will wisely judge you, making sure that the patriotic citizens of America do not have to put up with you for an eternity. By the way Barack, there is no racial divide in hell and you just may have to toast marshmallows with Pelosi, Reid and Biden for an eternity....such sweet revenge.
Sincerely, Cynthia J Quinn

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Good letter Cynthia.
Barack Hussein Obama is far more dangerous to America than Bin Laden ever was. Still no reward for his arrest and conviction!
Finally someone agrees with me; I have been saying that ever this usurper moved into OUR house.
No, but at least now we know how to bury him! Just slip him off the "Ronald Reagan"ship  LOL
Thanks for taking the time to read this letter. I intend to write many more of them. I will mail them to the WH....without a return address....LOL 
Good for you!!
Thank you Darla! I plan to do a whole series of these....what fun! LOL
send them to your local paper and all the people that are soppose to be working for you in congress,every time i have a beef i send to one congress man,but like always no respond,because he's in obama's pocket and doesn't want to rock the boat.
All of my congressmen respond but only one doesn't just send out a form letter which frequently has nothing to do with whatever I wrote about.  My one representative has never let me down and always votes as I would and I am an ultra conservative.
Send them to me I'll send WITH a return address.  The Country has been asleep too long.  What's it going to take to impeach this dictator?   
Hey Vince....should I pre-empt them by putting my local FEMA camp on there for a return address? LOL