Mar 27, 2013

What Religious Leaders Want to Tell Obama on Easter

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What Religious Leaders Want to Tell Obama on Easter


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In 2012 I traveled to Pakistan to investigate how drone strikes were impacting Pakistani citizens. Upon my arrival, it became clear that President Obama's drone strike policy is gravely impacting our national security because innocent civilians witness the unprovoked killing of brothers, sisters, wives, husbands, sons, and daughters. Furthermore, the Obama administration has continuously tried to redefine Just War Theory in order to justify its drone policy. Therefore, in my most recent video, I asked religious leaders from across the country to join together during the week of Easter to call on President Obama to reexamine his position on drone strikes.

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"For me, as a Catholic priest I urge Americans to ask 'Is this the country we wish to be and is this the type of people we have become?'" said Franciscan Friar Joe Nangle. "How can we hold our heads high when remote-controlled, killer aircraft-like drones are raining death and destruction on populations half a world away from our borders -- on women, men, and children who pose no threat to our safety and well-being"

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Robert Greenwald and the War Costs Team  

PS - Brave New Foundation and War Costs will release two full-length films this year. The upcoming War on Whistleblowers: Free Press and the National Security State  will be released on April 16th.  The other, Unmanned: America's Drone Wars, will be released this summer. Previous short films released by Brave New Foundation's War Costs campaign include Child Casualties As a Result of U.S. Drone Strikes and Living Under Drones. Brave New Foundation collaborated with Stanford Law School and New York University Law School to release the report "Living Under Drones." The full report can be found here.  

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