Mar 31, 2013

Fwd: Suggestions similar to Guerilla Talk Radio and James Whalen

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  Xenia Jane Bird,
Here are accounts similar to who you followed.
Xenia Jane Bird  
  Similar to Guerilla Talk Radio Guerilla Talk Radio  
  Gary Carter  
Gary Carter @GaryCar69543942
A Beat, Zen, Gnostic, Activist With A Mass of Contradictions Running...
Followed by salleegal.
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  Patrick Jennings  
Patrick Jennings @PatJennings
Guns don't make us safer. Trickle-down won't make us richer, Global...
Followed by Guerilla Talk Radio.
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  Citizen Wonk  
Citizen Wonk @CitizenWonk
Adalia Woodbury, writer for and publisher of...
Followed by salleegal.
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Jay @jxjs12
Push the Right Off a Cliff / Live My Life Like a Song on St. Somewhere /...
Following: 5126 · Followers: 4769
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  Similar to James Whalen James Whalen  
  Dayn Gray  
Dayn Gray @DaynGray
trade unionist -- socialist
Followed by James Whalen.
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  Tim Fowler  
Tim Fowler @TimDFowler
The only things in life that interest me are socialism, veganism,...
Followed by James Whalen.
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  David Polon  
David Polon @davidpolon
Founder/Director WATCH THIS Dance Co. & creator of SalsaFunk....
Following: 113 · Followers: 91
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  Kelly Belbin  
Kelly Belbin @kbels
I'm a community activist, advocate for social justice, and a proud COPE...
Following: 512 · Followers: 206
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