Mar 30, 2013


Dear Friend,

We are on the verge of making history. The Supreme Court of the United States heard two landmark marriage equality cases this week, bringing us one step closer to defeating discrimination and ensuring all Americans are treated equally under the law—no matter whom they love.

With your help, the Center for American Progress has been leading the charge to put an end to DOMA—from college campuses to the media to Capitol Hill, and finally, all the way to the Supreme Court. But this critical work to drive marriage equality can't stop now. CAP depends on likeminded progressives to continue the fight for LGBT equality. Can we count on your support?

Click here to make a contribution so that CAP can harness this momentum and continue to fight for LGBT equality.

CAP has helped to bring marriage equality to the forefront of the national debate through persistent pursuit of equality. And our work has paid off: One by one, politicians on both sides of the aisle—from Hillary Clinton and Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill to Republican Senator Rob Portman—are coming out in support of marriage equality. They are backed by their constituents, who, poll after poll shows, overwhelmingly support the freedom to marry.

Marriage equality is no longer a progressive pipe dream. It's now a mainstream American value. You've seen that change is possible—but only with your continued support.

Contribute now and be a part of CAP's efforts to defeat discrimination and lead progressive victories across the country.

Thank you,

Winnie Stachelberg
Executive Vice President, External Affairs
Center for American Progress


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