Mar 14, 2013

Class of #SNL

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March 13, 2013

Class of SNL

Saturday Night Live has been a launching pad for comedians' film careers for decades, and this week we're bringing you a host of movies filled with these former sketch-comedy alumni — live, from Hollywood.

Will Ferrell plays an IRS auditor faced with an existential crisis (and a narrator only he can hear) in Stranger Than Fiction — the best Ferrell movie you've probably never seen. The late Chris Farley displays his genius knack for dimwitted-timing and pratfall comedy in Beverly Hills Ninja. And watching Bill Murray's misfit Pvt. Winger in the military spoof Stripes is a rite of passage for every slacker-comedy lover.

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Stranger Than FictionWatch Now

Will Ferrell flashes some surprising acting chops in a brain-teasing dramedy that lingers long after the end credits.
Rated PG-13

BH NinjaWatch Now

Chris Farley brings a blackbelt in silly while showing he was one of the nimblest physical comedians of his time.
Rated PG-13

StripesWatch Now

Bill Murray and Harold Ramis reunite to define the slacker comedy genre.
Rated R

DBWatch Now

Lighten up cinephiles and defenders of good taste; it's called "escapist humor" for a reason. 
Rated R

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