Jan 18, 2013

WTF? Newtown Hero Harassed, Called "Pedo" By Conspiracy Theorists

Gene Rosen saved four children's lives. Now he's being targeted by conspiracy theorists convinced he's a liar and pedophile -- and the attacks haven't stopped. Counter hate with love: send Gene Rosen your message of support now!
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Dear Jane Bird,

If there's one lesson Sandy Hook taught us about America, it's that no one is safe -- not even the good Samaritan.

On the morning of the shooting, 69-year-old Gene Rosen heard gunshots and went outside to find four terrified children hiding out in his driveway. He took them in, kept them safe, and spoke of their innocence and bravery to various news channels.

And for those crimes, for daring to tell his story, conspiracy theorists at SandyHookHoax.com have become convinced Gene is a liar and a an actor -- to the point of harassing via phone and email, posting his personal information online and  claiming Rosen's recollections of the tragedy has "pedo under-tones."

We can't do anything more than the local police can to stop these horrible people from tormenting him. But we can let Gene know he's not alone. Please, join us in sending him this message of support and letting him know his role in Newtown will not be forgotten.

MESSAGE FOR GENE ROSEN: Thank you for all you've done for Sandy Hook. We stand by you in the face of conspiracy theorists and naysayers. Please know that Americans everywhere believe your story and see you as a hero for the aid you gave Newtown's children.


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-- The folks at Watchdog.net

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