Jan 13, 2013


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RC deWinter

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words from the west side highway

my god!
i’m trapped in a far too small car
with far too many people.
they’re talking about
diamond rings that no longer slide
over swollen knuckles
and precious arty house and garden tours
and somebody’s grandmother’s recipe
for an unpronounceable andalusian bread
and i’m boiling,
dressed all in black like a crow or a widow,
wondering why i am where i am
instead of lying in your arms
under our springgreen tree
deep in the forest,
that sacred secret pond not ten feet from us
awaiting the splash of our steaming bodies
that never seem to cool down
after the fierce hot fucking we practice
again and again,
always sure it can’t get better
but somehow it always does.
wait – that’s a dream.
soon i’ll be walking on concrete,
hemmed in by dead imposing edifices,
monuments to coin and commerce;
elbowed by impatient hostile natives
who give no quarter to visiting dreamers
lost in the fiery coals of a mind
stoked by nothing but visions of you.

© 2012 RC deWinter

Hear me read this poem:bit.ly/VZcZOv

Written in that car while on the West Side Highway in NYC.