Jan 21, 2013

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Caught in traffic

"Ann" was a prostitute for about 15 years. She has been out of the business since 1993, but the emotional scars remain. It isn't just what she went through personally, but what she witnessed others go through or the things she heard about.

Colleges make power play for new hockey arena

The Worcester Business Development Corporation's (WBDC) final draft master plan of a proposed downtown Theatre District downplays the prospects of a new hockey rink in the Francis J. McGrath Municipal Lot. The idea is anything but on ice, however. In fact, there remains a real chance that a hockey arena could be built there.

Changes on the #horizon

The cries were heard far and wide. The moment news hit the press of Instagram's plans to change its terms of service, the backlash swept the lands like a rapid wave in an expeditious storm. Enraged users spread the word throughout the information superhighway with grandiose claims that Instagram would soon be selling personal photos to big corporations and at a profit - none of which, the photos' owners would receive or perhaps even be aware of.

One Year In

Joe Petty called for a brief recess and rose from his chairman's seat inside council chambers. Walking purposefully into the City Hall office he holds as mayor, he was followed by several city councilors. City Manager Mike O'Brien followed, after first being cooled off a bit by his chief financial officer. The door shut and stayed closed for the next several minutes. Moments before, O'Brien and Councilor Joe O'Brien were butting heads over a report the city manager had filed on net school spending.