Jan 25, 2013

Unintentionally Inappropriate Kid Drawings


January 25, 2013
When you combine a child's brutal honesty with little-to-no understanding of societal taboos and a penchant for drawing, you often get some pretty hilarious results. With just a few misplaced scribbles, a child's attempt at drawing a nice picture can lead to some seriously inappropriate (albeit unintentional) works of art.  Continue reading...
Obama's Parallax Inaugural
The president waxed eloquent about a pursuit of progressive ideals; mentioning marriage equality, climate change and even slamming Paul Ryan's claim that society is being ruined by the takers. So as you can imagine, right after the president was sworn in, he was sworn at. Continue reading...
When Life Hands You Lemon: Liz Lemon's Life Lessons for Ladies
In seven years, 30 Rock's Elizabeth Miervaldis Lemon has shared a lot with us (probably too much). She made us laugh and helped us grow; she taught us that it's "never too late for now" and urged us, John Keating-style, to see the world with fresh eyes. Continue reading...
Movie Review: Knife Fight
Knife Fight is about on a level with the kind of comedy that shows up on Lifetime and the Hallmark Channel, with casts full of aging former TV stars. Movies like this give political satire a bad name. Continue reading...
Weeklings!: Why Mariah Carey Always Beats Nicki Minaj (VIDEO)
It seems like American Idol viewers are responding more to Nicki Minaj than to Mariah Carey. This is unspeakable. Mariah is the best, pseudo-craziest music legend we have. We need to respect her and everything she stands for, and that means tearing down Nicki Minaj. Continue reading...
Obama's LAST Inauguration (Phew!)
This was Obama's last inauguration and it was a doozy for this GOPer. I was thrilled to find some fellow conservatives though. Continue reading...

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