Jan 10, 2013

SHE'S GOT LEGS (we don't care about their steenking copyright)

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Sorry, I'm Not Perfect

My hair flows long and wavy down upon my sturdy shoulders
but now glints silver, no more chestnut, for I never dye it.
My eyes, they shine and sparkle but they show the toll of living
reflected in their depths and in the tender skin surrounding.
My breasts are rounded, ripe and lush but not high like a showgirl's,
they've nursed a child tenderly and pillowed heads of lovers.
My arms are strong and caring but their firmness falters slightly,
the flesh is smooth and silky although not as taut as twenty.
My smile is wide and genuine but shows the lines of living,
a bit of blur beneath my chin betraying former sleekness.
Below my bellybutton puffs a ripple of new contours –
once flat and firm, now rounded some with time's seductive smearing.
My legs are long and limber, slender still but not rock hard
as they were once in days long gone – my thighs will envelope you.
And in the back my roundness spreads across my hips so softly
but much more independently than once it did – when was that?
My heart beats, warm and open, with the fire of youth and beauty
but flesh speaks true, cannot disguise the decades of my dying.
So, sorry, I'm not perfect. . .time erodes, sculpts and enhances
not always in the ways we wish.
And if this doesn't matter much then take me now
and be content with traces of my glory,
and know my heart is strong and true and never once will falter.
No toll of unkind time can ever its devotion alter.
© 2013 RC deWinter