Jan 18, 2013

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RC deWinter

5:10 PM  -  Public
To Her Phantom Lover

Sequestered in a maiden’s chamber
skyblue white blushed with pink,
I close my eyes in the liquid northern night
and feel the first warm waves come
lapping at the periphery of my conscious mind:

barely perceptible, licking,
skirting the edges of awareness until,
behind my eyes, the vision shapes itself
and you are there:

unknown and unknowable,
but mine alone to outfit in whatever
mask and costume suit the moment,
that moment driven by lust,
and all its hot red center
pulsing with the waves that overwash it,
my body dimly there,
caressed by sheeting cool and smooth
as the wrapping for the husk that is a mummy –
the core of that moist wanting ready to be

The miracle mind transubstantiates
my restless seeking fingers
into yours;
insistent they go striding over spiky stiffened peaks,
then down the silky sands to find that lush oasis.
Colors blaze against that barren landscape
as I recognize your fierce but welcome probing.

With my last coin of resistance
I redeem a few more moments of ascension
’til the blazing heat and rhythmic waves consume me,
no redemption! –
those Saharan sands colliding somehow with the blue Pacific.

Sharply throbbing, all the purplegold
I surrender
to the sound of one heart beating.

© 2011 RC deWinter ~ All Rights Reserved

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